Network Email Template

Network Email Template is a sample format to help you write declaration letters. Email letters mention to get in touch in case of further doubts.

Name of client:


Company’s Name:

Company’s Address:

Subject: Granda TriggerBlue Company

Dear Mrs. / Miss/ Mr.

We are pleased to declare that (give the reason to be pleased and the details of your announcement relevant to the receiver of the email.) We (Name your company and the achievements so far along with the new feather added to the cap).

We bring forth a proposal (provide the email recipient with the details of the opportunity. Make specific points and use lucid language so as to make it easier for the target audience. Make the content simple yet to the point).

To know more about us (give your website address and also any contact numbers that is appropriate).

In case you have to make more clarifications, get in touch with our consultants who would willingly help you out of any doubts.

Thanks & Regards,

Ben Firth,

Sr. Consultant,

Granda TriggerBlue Company


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