Network Email Writing

Good Network Email is written to keep in touch to an old client. Sent by the Business Development Executive, it includes tips to write the letter effectively.

Client id: [email protected]

Subject: Getting in touch with an old client

Dear (client’s name)

First Paragraph: We take this opportunity to (give the relevant details of your communication with the client. Remind him of the great relationship that you shared while serving them. Name your company and say that you have increased in the last few years and diversified your areas of work. Give them an overview of the same. Mentioned all the relevant points pertinent to the client’s interests).

Second Paragraph: (Talk straight about what you want from the client and why you think re-establishing the bond can benefit the client in their business prospect. Ensure how your services can help both the companies grow together and achieve success. Do not beat around the bush as it may turn the client off).

Third Paragraph: (Provide your client with any new details).

Thanks & regards

Ms. Jerome Lewis

Business Development Executive

Email id: [email protected]


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