Networking Referral Email

Networking Referral Email is written when a certain candidate is referred for the solving certain problem. Sample letters with contact details for further query.

To:  [email protected]

Dear Kelly,

Mr. George Peterson from ROYALE’S Company in New York has referred me to you. He was very sure of the fact that you will be a perfect person whom I could contact for my queries and information regarding communication industry.

My aim is to find a safe and a secure position related to communications field and so it would be a great help to me if you could offer any recommendations for the same. I hereby also request you to please schedule a meeting so that I can develop a healthy contact with you and we get to discuss about the communication industry, more effectively. I was hoping if you could spare some time for me to build an effective advice.

I thank you in advance, for any kind of suggestions and recommendations you might shower. Please contact me through 7627393929 or a reply back of this email. I look forward to tie a contact with you and your team at ROYALE’s Company.

Thanks a lot!




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