Office Email Format

E-mail is one of the easiest and prompt ways preferred for most of the office communications these days. This helps in delivering the business objective diligently to the intended recipient and could also be access from anywhere around the world. An office email format, thus, depicts the idea of how such draft could be formulated effectively.

Sample Office Email Format


Ensure not to forward an official email without a subject line as this might reduce the essence of the communication. Hence, a composed yet summative subject has to be stated on the designated space.

Email Body:

The email should always initiate with a salutation, this imparts a courteous look to the draft. Moreover, it is also an effective way through which the recipient could be addressed. If the particular office email is intended for a number of recipients then one must initiate it by stating “Dear All”.


An official signature has to be incorporated at the end so as to impart a rational yet professional look to the email. This signature might bear contact information of the sender as well.


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