Office Joke Email

Office Joke Email is a sample letter by the IT manager appreciating the achievement of the staff members. Email template describing the proceeding about a certain project.

Dear All,

This email is regarding the biggest achievement that our staff members have achieved by completing the assignment after 18 months of hard work. They were able to complete the assignment in the prescribed time limit and within the given budget. The code of our programming system has been checked and all the databases, data files, coding backups have been properly analyzed by our efficient programmers. After the survey, our achievers have decided to modify all the dates to replicate changes.

Finally, me and my programming department gladly announce that we have accomplished our mission by changing the dates of all the files, documents to a new date i.e.  to “Y2K”. Some Y to K problem was reported to us with our ERP system which does not exist. But I do understand the global problem of joking of staff members from one department to other department.

Definitely, when this problem will occur next time in system, my team will be happy to overcome this.

Thanks for considering our point in advance.

Yours Sincerely,

William Spencer

Manager- IT


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