Office Humour Email

Humorous letter sent by an official to her employee sharing a funny incident from the past. Sample Office Humor Email to maintain the enthusiastic working environment.

Dear Marry

I am forwarding you one of the most humorous email which was sent to us by one of our dearest friend on the day when you were on leave. A year ago, one couple decided to go out for vacations since they were working very hard for a couple of months. Somehow, the wife got some urgent work to do and she suggested her husband to go to the booked hotel and she would join him there in 2 days’ time. And then there was this widow who had just returned from her husband’s funeral.

Husband reached the booked hotel and on his arrival to the hotel room saw a computer there. He decided to drop a mail to his wife about his safe arrival to the hotel. The email somehow got messed up and the mail was sent to the widow instead of his wife. The e-mail read like this “Dear Wife, I have arrived here safely. You will be glad to know that the rooms are really good and they are also providing the facility of computer. I have made sure that everything is just perfect for your tomorrow’s arrival. Hope to see you soon. I am sure your journey would be full of fun.”

I hope you enjoyed this full of humour email.

With Regards,

Tina Robinson

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