Out of Office Email Reply

Reply to a letter by the marketing manager when he is out of office. Sample text messages mentioning the cause of delay and about the person who is in charge in case of any assistance.

Mr. William Harrison

Manager- Sales Department.

Dear Mr. Harrison,

I have seen your email today morning regarding updates on overseas delegate’s conference. As you know, I am out of my office till Tuesday, 25th April, 2013 and will report back on April 26th, 2013. So, during this time I will not be able to update you particularly because I have limited access to internet and of course following a busy schedule.

But, my department will keep on updating you with latest records of the minutes of meeting. If you need urgent assistance, you can enquire from Ms. Wastson, Marketing Department as she is maintaining all important documentation. I will try to update you on my behalf if I get some time.

If there is something urgent throughout this period, you can contact me on 5672  453 1002, but only in morning.

I hope it can serve the purpose in my absence. Thanks for your nice cooperation.


Jhon Huddson

Manager- Marketing

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