Sample Office Email

Sample Office Email is written on behalf of the manager to the staff. An invitation describing the time, venue and cause of the party along with the contact number in case of any query.

Subject: Get Together on 11th April

Dear All,

This is to inform you that our company is planning a get together on 11th April, Saturday, at 1100 hours at Golden Beach Resorts.  You may bring your spouses and children.

This get together will give us all an opportunity to get to know each other better and interact on a social basis.  It will prove to be the ideal getaway for the weekend, especially after such a hectic quarter.

I request you to kindly inform me about the number of family members who would be joining you, so that we can make suitable arrangements as regards to food and beverages.

The good news is that the drinks and food are on the house.

In case of any doubts or queries please feel free to write to me at [email protected]. Or call me at +234567890

Looking forward to your participation,


John Davis



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