Funny Resignation Email

A Funny Resignation Email is written to express the needed sentiments without being rude. Effective sample letter wishing all the luck for the company in the future.

To: [email protected]

CC: [email protected]

Respected Sir,

I want to inform you through this email that I have decided to put in my papers once and for all. I do not even remember when was the last time when you people even considered me for promotion, leave aside the fact that I was never given one. It scares me to know the fact that I have stayed in this office for as long as I have done. You might understand that I may not be very intelligent or clever, but I certainly do have more self worth than is obtained by brining your coffee all day. I am sure you won’t feel my absence in the organization except that there might be a delay in your morning coffee.

I have made sure that all my dues have been cleared, thank you very much. I really hope that the company runs smoothly without my delightful presence in it and I can only wish my successor my very best wishes. I am sure she would not take a very long time to understand your caffeine requirements no matter how difficult they are.

Thanking you,

Natasha Nussbaum


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