How to Write a Resignation Email

Change is the rule of life. With time and circumstances people resign in any form of organization. The reasons could again very from person to person. It all depends on the circumstances of each such case. At times it is about your better future prospects. Likewise, the reason can be your discontentment of low salary benefits. Sometimes the bone of contention is the humiliating way you were treated by your superior. Whatever be the case, in every organization such resignation is valid only if it is done in a proper manner. Moreover, in many business establishments, there are concerned authorities who deal with such issues.

Because of the paucity of time, email resignation has acquired a vital importance.

Don’t press the panic button yet. Here are some of the rules of for resignation email.

1.Address your mail to the appropriate authority.

2.At the outset specify your designation and the effective date of your designation.

3.Appreciate to the company for their help they have showered during your stay with them.

4.State in clear terms about desire to know what the company owes to you in the form of arrear salary, medical benefits and other relevant issues.

5.Don’t give them a feeling of ‘untouchables’ only because you are leaving them

6.Express your willingness to help the company whenever they need your help and that they can approach you if they need you.


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