Resignation Email to Staff

Resignation Email to Staff is an email sample written to the staff upon resigning from a job post. Sample letter appreciating the corporation maintained by the staff.

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Dear all,

I want to inform you all through this email that I am resigning from the post of junior assistant executive at income tax department of The FLY Company. My last working day with this company would be 30th of this month.

I want to express my sincere gratitude to all the staff members at FLY for being so kind and helpful all throughout my work tenure. I really appreciate and thank all the taxation staff and accounting staff for all their support in quickly carrying out their everyday tasks. I respect the cleaning staff of FLY from the core of my heart and hence would miss them the most. And finally I want to thank all the senior staff members for their such kind and encouraging attitude towards me during my entire work tenure.

I am surely going to regret leaving this place and will miss the presence of each and every staff member associated with the company. Thanks a lot for your cooperation.


Daniel Joseph


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