Resignation Email Writing

With time everything around changes. It’s aptly said ‘Change is the rule of life’. Time and circumstances does not remain constant. In different phases in an organization it sees many employees resigning over that particular period of time. The reason and circumstance can be different on each occasion. For instance, the reason can be of not having appropriate soothing work environment in the workplace. Those with high level of emotions can resign just because the superior staff wasn’t courteous to him/her. Above all in this is e-age everything moves with the press of few clicks. So keep yourself updated with the norms and etiquette for Resignation Email Writing.

If you don’t know how to do that don’t conclude this is the end of the tunnel for you. Here we give you a brief idea about the manner you should write an email resignation.

1.Proper authority should be addressed to make the resignation a valid one in the eyes of law.

2.Mention your designation and the effective date of your designation.

3.Don’t resort to bad mouthing. Instead thank the company for giving you an opportunity to work with them.

4.You can also ask the company about your salary and other employee related dues.

5.Don’t give them a feeling you are striking them off with a single stroke.

6.Say happily that you are always there for them should they require any assistance from you.


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