Sales Offer Email

Sales Offer Email is promotion letter written to a customer describing the various features of their new launch. Sample Messages describing other additional offers to be provided.

To: [email protected]

Dear Sir,

We are glad to inform you that Oxygen Mobiles has successfully launched new series of Mobile Phones. This series which is popularly known as “S- Series” has different kinds of Cell phones which were made specifically keeping in mind the needs of changing times. This series definitely adds value to the tagline of Oxygen mobiles “Stay in touch wherever you go”.

We make it sure to give features of high quality and excellent services to our clients at the lowest possible cost. Keeping in mind our promise, “S Series” models have the following features, 2 Mega Pixels camera, 4 GB memory card (expandable till 32 GB) along with built-in FM and MP3 player. Adding to this, the GPRS feature available to you helps you in getting easy access to Internet all the time. And you are getting all this at a price which one can just dream for!

We at Oxygen, would like to offer you with an additional 4 GB memory card absolutely free as a promotional offer. In case you are more interested you can refer to the PDF attached along with this email for more information on the “S Series” of the mobile phones.

Yours Sincerely,

David Jones

Marketing Manager

Oxygen Mobiles

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