Business Sales Email

Business sales email is a formal letter with the quarterly sales report of a company. Detailed text messages on the various achievements how to contact the company for further query.

To: [email protected]

Dear Mr. Williams,

This email contains the quarterly sales report of Wilma Dealer Pvt. Ltd for the records of Blue Berry Group of Industries. According to the instructions given the report has been prepared with the following details: the date, total sales amount, customer name and manes of salesmen, etc attributes so that the report satisfies and justifies the target achievement. Please attached the report for your further reference.

This report has been prepared by collected data of three months targets, achievements, total sales. The report also contains the names of the salesman who have been awarded for this order. In the future same sales format for quarterly report will be followed.

Also the problems faced by the customers and their complaints have been mentioned in the report. If there is any question and query regarding the attached file, please feel free to contact on 6768 473 5739 or write us at [email protected] within the working hours.

Hope this business sales statement will serve the purpose.

Yours sincerely,

Tina Roberts

Given Below are a few sales email samples for a clearer Ideas.

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