Office Email Writing

Office emails are used to communicate with employees within an organization or with others outside the company, for official purposes. There are certain formalities and rules to be followed while writing official emails as they deal with one’s workplace. Before writing any email, it must be kept in mind to follow the company policy. Every … Read more

Office Email Best Practices

Office emails mean professional emails used for communication within or outside an organisation. Since it deals with one’s workplace, such mails are usually formal and follow a specific format. Following these rules will make an office mail more effective: Keep them brief: Since such letters are not personal, one need not give too many details. … Read more

Away from Office Email

Away from Office Email is a sample letter written by an official to the staff when he is out on some official tour. Email mentioning who will be functioning on his absence. To : [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected] Subject: Absence from office on account of official visit Dear All, This mail is to inform you … Read more