Office Email Best Practices

Office emails mean professional emails used for communication within or outside an organisation. Since it deals with one’s workplace, such mails are usually formal and follow a specific format.

Following these rules will make an office mail more effective:

  • Keep them brief: Since such letters are not personal, one need not give too many details. You can keep them short, to the point and focused.
  • State subject clearly: A company gets innumerable mails every day, so ideally you should mention the subject or the reason for writing the email right at the beginning, which will save your superior’s time.
  • Take care of grammar, spellings: Since it is an official mail, certain formalities must be maintained and be very careful about your grammar and spellings.
  • Do not mail non-work related items: Use your office mail ID only for official purposes. Do not mail funny or personal things through your office ID, as it may also be monitored by your systems manager.

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