Baby Announcement Emails

Baby Announcement Emails is written for the gracious announcement of a new born baby girl. Formal invitation letter to be present at the function.

To: [email protected]

Dear Mr. Aalin,

I am so glad to inform you all that Mr. Aalin and Mrs. Antonia are extremely delighted to announce the arrival of their gorgeous baby girl born on 25th of April 2013  in North Dakota Government hospital at six in the evening weighing two pounds.

Mr. and Mrs. Woo would be pleased to share their happiness with you all want you all to suggest names for their baby. The naming ceremony is held at their residence located at 3456 North Hampshire Road, New York in the state of North Dakota with the postal code 2345 on 10th of April, 2013. It would give me immense pleasure if you could grace the ceremony with your gracious presence.

It would be an honor if you could come and help the parents in selecting the appropriate name for their beautiful daughter and bless her for a bright and successful future.

With regards,


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