Appraisal Announcement Email

Appraisal Announcement Email is a sample letter announcing review on a certain work done. Formal text message encouraging similar work quality in the future.


Subject: Appraisal announcement

Dear employees,

It gives me immense pleasure to announce the appraisal of the entire physics department at our company. I am writing to personally appraise you all for completing your projects on time and appreciate the efforts put in the projects.

I am glad to see your team work in successful completion and submission of our company’s biggest project on nuclear transistors. Your leading skills, excellent content summaries, clear ideas and the neatness in the entire submission is responsible for your appraisal. The remarkable quality of the project was its most outstanding feature.

As a small token of appreciation we wish to offer you all a job promotion. The process to discuss our ideas with the senior authorities of the company is still in process.

I am grateful to each one of you for exploiting your talents to the best and showing to us what you all are really capable of. Your proven abilities and proficiencies surely deserve the appraisal that you all are getting and respected by all the employees of the organization working with us.

I hope you will continue to make us proud in your field of work.

Congratulations on your appraisal!



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