Birth Announcement Email

Announcement Email is a sample message sent at the birth of a baby boy. Formal invitation letter describing its features and requesting to be present on the occasion.

Dear Friends,

An invaluable moment of our life has just happened. We are immensely pleased to announce the birth of our first baby “Joe”

The priceless treasure joined us on 10th March, 2013 with his little wrist and fist bringing new joy in our hearts. Maria and I were tickled pink when we took him in our arms for the first time. His tenderness weighs around 7 pound 8 ounces. His milky complexion, cute innocent eyes and pinky pink lips pout to express something.

I and Maria would be honored to celebrate this occasion with you all on 30th March, 2013 at our home at 6. We kindly request you to come with your loved ones and bless our child with good health, happiness and love.

With love,


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