Promotion Announcement Email

Promotion Announcement Email is a sample letter announcing the promotion of an employee in an organization. Formal message with appreciation and warm wishes for the future.

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Sub: Announcing Promotion of Emnny

Dear All,

We are happy to announce the promotion of Emnny Roy to the position of Managing Director of taxation department. Emnny started with our company 4 years back as an assistant in taxation department. During this tenure, she also served as a customer coordinator at our New York branch.

Emnny was the best when it came to managing customer relations, decision makings, problems resolution and timely deliveries, her work style has been very influential for Jackson Company. In this new position her work responsibilities include  looking after all the technical data, file works and website updates. She will be heading the entire team and would be responsible for researching and developing market opportunities and promotional programmes.

We are confident that Jenny would do justice to her new role and would enjoy her new work and prove us right for our decision to grant her the position of a Managing Director. We would like you people to join us on 12th March to congratulate Jenny on her new role and welcoming her to the taxation department.

Warm regards,


Senior Manager, Jackson Company.

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