Release Announcement Email

Sample Email sent to customers announcing the release of a certain product in the market. Effective letter mentioning its features and contact details for reference.

To: [email protected], [email protected], [email protected]

Subject:  Release of new product

Dear customers,

With immense pride and honour we hereby announce the release of our new product in the market. We are very confident that you as a customer would be very much interested in our new product.

We are announcing the release of a “dual door coolest refrigerator” at all of our major stores. We have worked on the product wholeheartedly and after years of hardwork and craftsmanship we think we have come up with the best refrigerating system for your houses. Our new manufacturing units have promised that this “dual door coolest refrigerator” will surely appeal and target the larger audience. This refrigerator is the only refrigerator in the market that freezes ice in nearly 15 minutes with its “fast ice” option and above all it has a cooling capacity of 175%

We would like you to come to our store and check out the features of this new product of ours, we are confident that you will fall in love with the product funtions, its convenience and metallic design. There are also major discounts in store for you and money off cards along with purchases

I am enclosing the price list, the functions and top most models of all the related refrigerators, for your reference. If you have any query you can call me Call me at 92838929.




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