New Job Announcement Email

New Job Announcement Email is written to announce about a new job opening in the marketing department. Formal text message mentioning the required information and dress code.

To: [email protected]

Respected Mr Mach

Subject: To announce a new job opening in the marketing department of our company.

I would like to announce that there is an opening in our company for a new job position of a junior marketing manager. The new job opening is a result of the resignation of our previous junior marketing manager who recently resigned and no one was able to fit in his position. The details of the company are being provided to you and the job profile is as follows. Please fill in the attached interview document and send it to us as soon as possible.

This company is an IT solution organization which develops computer solution software for different companies as per their needs and specifications. The candidate is required to develop marketing models so that our developed software’s can be sold to many different companies. The candidate is required to meet various potential clients and customers and market the product in a good light. The salary offered is handsome in this job and there is good exposure to the employee to build a career graph.

The interview is scheduled on 20th July 2013 and it shall be held from 9 am onwards. The obvious choice is a candidate with a good exposure and experience and thus you have been contacted for the same.

If at all interested in the job, then please do come down for the interview with a copy of your resume and in a proper formal dress code.

Fredrick West


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