Employee Appreciation Email for Innovation Template, Example

Good companies always support employees who are innovative in their approach because innovation is the key to move ahead in life. If there is an employee in your company who has impressed you with this innovation and creativity then you must also write an employee appreciation email for innovation to him or her.

Shared in this post is an appreciation email template that can be used for writing a personalized letter. This employee appreciation email format makes it easier for you to create your own draft.

Employee Appreciation Email Example for Innovation

Dear Richard,

I am really impressed the way you have handled the crisis with your team and it is truly an innovative and interesting way to solve the issue.

I am aware that this issue was bothering your team members and we were also trying to sort things out but the way you have treated this issue and have been able to solve it without spending any money or causing any discomfort to anyone is an impressive act of creativity at your end.

We are happy to have employees like you who can think out of the box and do such amazing things.


Adam Smith

Manager Zenith Technologies

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