Employee Appreciation Email for Teamwork Example

Teamwork is one of the most important ingredients when it comes to success and therefore, if there is a team in your company which has been able to perform really well because of its teamwork then you must write it a note of appreciation. A simple employee appreciation email for teamwork is all you need to put forward some inspiring words to such a team.

Dont look anywhere else as here is the employee appreciation email example that you can use for creating your own thank you letter to employees in a simple way.

Sample Employee Appreciation Email for Teamwork

Dear Richard,

I am writing this letter to congratulate you and your team for successfully completing the project on New York Marketing within the give timeframe.

It is quite impressive to see that your team works with utmost synergy and brings out the best in every situation. I am aware that your team was given a very strict timeline to complete the project and there was so much of work to be done but despite all the odds, it is because of their strong teamwork, they were able to manage the things in the best way possible.

Congratulating you and your team on your efforts and success.


Adam Smith


Zenith Technologies

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