Friendship Chain Email

Friendship Chain Email is written to a lot of friends at the same time and enquiring about what is going on with their lives. Sample letter showing enthusiasm for the upcoming reunion. To: [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], Subject: Let us plan a reunion Dear Friends, I miss you all so much. It seems like it has […]

Free Friendship Email

Free Friendship Email is a sample text message written to show gratitude for the love and support a friend gave. Nostalgic text messages on how he is missed every day. To: [email protected] Dear friend Ben Subject: Our Relationship Hello Ben, hope you are doing well. I am good too and life is pretty cool at […]

Funny Friendship Email

Funny Friendship Email is written remembering a funny incident from the past. Sample letter recalling how they had quality time together and enthusiasm for their get together. To: [email protected] Dear Emily What’s new going on with you these days? It seems that I have become history now? Just kidding, I am doing good and all […]

Cute Friendship Email

Cute Friendship Email is a sample text message to a friend recalling how they had quality time together. Emotional letter stating how important is she in her life. To: [email protected] Dear cutest friend Sarah Hey pal, how are you doing? Hope this email finds you in the pink of your health and hope life is […]