Complaint Email to Supplier

Complaint Email to Supplier is a sample complaint letter on a failed consignment. Formal message on the damage found an appeal for an exchange.

To: [email protected]

Subject: Complaint regarding the last consignment

Dear Mr. Blom,

This is in regards to the consignment sent by your company to us on 12th of March 2013.  As there were few damaged items, I would like to make a complaint against the consignment .

You have been supplying raw materials to our organization for the past two years and our business association has been impressive throughout the whole tenure. But, this time  fifty percent of the material sent by you was found to be damaged. This was not expected from your end.

I would request you to look into this matter. We would also like to exchange the damaged material with new material or in case you are unable to do so, please give us the compensation for the damaged goods. I hope such an incident is not repeated in the future or we may have to look for a new supplier.



Marketing Head

Gas Garments

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