Writing a Complaint Email

Complaint Email is written to a company for misplace in online order.  Text Message to highlight the matter and response to it soon.

To: [email protected]

Subject: Complaint regarding  online purchase

Dear Mr. Tenny,

I am writing this mail to make a compliant against my online purchase order number PQ/89080/90 .

On 20th of March 2012, I had made an online purchase of five shirts from your site www.stuufforall.com. The size that I had ordered for was XL, but received all the shirts in L size. The L size shirts don’t fit me properly and they are totally a waste for me. Such a mistake from your end is totally unacceptable especially when I have paid more for the XL size.

I would request you to send one of your delivery boys so as to exchange the L sized shirts with XL sized ones and in case they are out of stock, I need compensation of my purchase amount. Please look into the matter as soon as possible.



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