How to Write an Email to Client for New Business (With Samples)

Sample Email to Client for New Business
New Business Client Email Template

Writing the perfect proposal of sales for new business to a prospective client can be a task. It needs to be formal, precise but should not miss put on important information. A cold email is the best way to write to a client for new business. In this post are email template and example for small businesses and email to a potential client. These will include sample email to client for new business, sample email to client for new business opportunities and sample email asking for business opportunity.

Tips to Write an Email to Client for New Business

Here are some tips to write an email to client for new business. Consider these tips when you draft your mail.

  • The email should be composed while keeping the buyer / reader in mind. The language, points, content and tone should be according to the prospective client.
  • Use a crisp and exciting subject line.
  • In the content, first, write about the issues you face as a buyer and why this product is important to solve those issues. The main point of writing sales emails is answering these questions.
  • Introduce the business idea in a sharp and crisp manner. Write about how reforming and profitable the idea will be when executed.
  • As the salesperson, you have to market yourself. Let the client know that you are the best in doing this work and provide evidences to support it.
  • Personalize the email and make sure to follow-up on a regular basis without overdoing it. You might need to send a couple of mails more to get the attention of the client.
  • Do not forward to write a Call-to-Action remark towards the end.

Email Template and Example to Client for New Business

To: [email protected]

Date: July 21, 2022

Subject: Business idea proposal

Dear Jones,

I hope this finds you well and in good health. I am Nathan, from Inscribe Magazine. I want to inform you that we are a recently launched design magazine. Knowing that you are a savvy in the world of design, this magazine will be a perfect read for you.

As of now, we have launched our first issue on our website which is free for all to access. Please take some time out to visit us and do let us know how you felt about the magazine.

Website URL:

Thank you. Hoping to hear from you soon.


Nathan Lee

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