Office Holiday Email

Office Holiday Email is sent by the Assistant General Manager about the update on a coming holiday. Sample text messages describing what is expected of the employees.

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Dear All,

There is an holiday on 30th November 2010, the Tuesday, from the office on the occasion of Hong Kong Formation Day.

The office decided to signify the importance of this day with a holiday because it is considered as one of the most auspicious occasion for the people of Hong Kong. Also this day is marked by Buddha’s Birthday. And that is the reason the nation announces birthday on this occasion.

However it is a holiday but the office would still be open and those employees who have any task left or pending can come to office if he or she wishes to. The employees coming to office on this day will be provided with a cab facility for travelling to the office. Lunch is also been arranged for them.

With all the best wishes

Samuchi Samurai

Assistant General Manager



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