Nursing Resignation Email

A sample Email written for Nursing Resignation job position. Effective sample letter thanking colleagues at work and for the learning experience had in the company.

To: [email protected]

Dear Alicia,

I am resigning from my post of Staff Nurse from this hospital which will be effective from 24th November, 2010 at the close of business hours. I would definitely complete my employment tenure as per the contractual agreement and would work at the hospital for 30 more days as a clearance period.

I am so saddened to leave this hospital as it is equivalent to my second home. But due to some unfortunate circumstances and personal issues not related to hospital or its employees, I am kind of forced to leave this post and go find a better position. I am so upset to leave this post as I am sure it would be very difficult for me to find such a set of understanding colleagues in any other hospital.

I want to thank all my colleagues and seniors for guiding me through and providing me with the wonderful work environment and experience. I hope I can rely on you for future reference. A few official documents are being attached with this email for clearance and are related to my resignation.

Thanking you,

Jessica Brown.

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