Sample Resignation Email

Sample Resignation Email is a formal resignation email written for the official resignation of a project manager. Text messages on the status of his current project and his gratitude for the firm.

Subject: Resignation from the post of Project Manager

Dear Mr. Brown,

Please consider this as a formal notice of resignation from the post of Project Manager as I have been offered the position of a General Manager in ABC Company, San Francisco.  At the present stage in my career, I am looking forward to taking up that kind of a challenging role.

I am currently working on the XYZ Project which is near completion and shall submit the project report before my departure.

I shall also brief the new incumbent regarding all the required details about the job if the company requires.

I have learnt a great deal in my years of association with the company and I wish everybody in the company the very best.

Thanking You,


Joanna Roberts

([email protected])

Project Manger


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