Direct sales email

Direct sales email is a formal letter describing about a certain sales offer by the company. Detailed text messages on how to contact the company for further query.

To: [email protected]

Dear Mr. Rivera,

This emails contains information about sale offer from Indiana Group of Companies Pvt. Ltd. This sale has been organized to clear off the season stock. As your company has a medicine profile, we are happy to offer you a discount of 34% on any chemicals that you purchase. Please find attached direct sales invitation for more information about anything along with the company profile. You can also visit  and explore more about the online shelves of chemicals which are available and used for drug production.

We make sure that all the chemicals are sold out within their due dates and that none of the substances are expired. We guarantee you the validity of our chemicals. The reason this stock clearance is held is that we at Indiana Groups intend to opt for more stock. And let me inform you that most of the pharmaceutical companies buy their compounds from us at this peak time only. As you will get to know from our profile, we deal as the wholesaler of drug chemicals.

For any further enquiry you can mail us back or contact through our website.

Thank you so much for considering our direct sales offer!

Yours Sincerely,

Edam Huge

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