Sympathy Email Sample

Sympathy Email Sample is a Condolence letter written to a nephew for not getting selected for a cricket tournament. Sample messages to make him feel better and encourage him for the future.

To: [email protected]

Dearest Robert

I am so sorry to hear that you couldn’t make it to the Men’s under 19 cricket tournament which is going to be held in your city. I was in a total shock to hear about this news as I had full confidence on you that you would be able to make it because of your undying dedication and hard work towards the sport as well as your skills and talent. I am so sorry about it as I know it was your dream tournament and it could have proved as a stepping stone for your career in future.

I can completely understand how you must be feeling at present but don’t let this hurdle come in your way to fulfill your dreams and discourage you. Don’t ever stop putting your efforts into the sport. Even now practice with the same dedication and positive thinking and I am very sure you will emerge out as a winner. Don’t let anything upset you and remember that my sympathy and also good wishes are always with you.

Your Uncle

Hugo Boss

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