Retirement Announcement Email

Retirement Announcement Email is a sample letter mentioning the retirement of an employee. Formal message applauding his contribution to the institute.

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Sub: Retirement of Mr. Daylan.

Dear All,

I have mixed feelings as I announce the retirement of Mr. Daylan from the position of Head of Department of Sociology. Mr. Daylan has contributed immensely to our college, he has been a valuable asset to our college and would be missed by all the staff members, teacher and students.

Twenty five years ago, Daylan joined the college as a sociology teacher. He helped many students in shaping up their career. He also imparted valuable insights with his experience in the field to the junior staff of the college as the head of the department. He began his career working as a junior teacher and devoted all his life to academics and went on to become a graduate professor.

We wish him all the best for all his future endeavors and we are happy for him as now he will get more time for his family, but having said that I must say we would be missing him a lot in our college.

Every member of this university will miss you immensely in both their professional as well as personal lives.




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