Death Announcement Email

Death Announcement Email is a sample letter announcing the sad death of a person. Invitation letter sent to be present at the funeral.

To: [email protected]

Mr. Alfred

Dear Mr. Alston,

I am so sorry to inform you that Mr. Arnold passed away due to cardiac arrest on 30th November 2012 at Royal Palm Hospital in the evening at 6 p.m.

Mr. Marlon Brando was born on 15th December 1924 in the state of South Dakota. He was kind hearted person with pure soul and was famous for his involuntary services. He will always be missed by friends and family. His invaluable contribution towards the society will always be remembered by everyone in the society. He was a responsible kind hearted man who always fulfilled his duties towards his kids and loved his wife to the core and always spent quality time with them. He is survived by his wife, Mrs. Susan Brando and three sons Tom Brando, John Brando and Jack Brando.

A small funeral is organized for him on 3rd Jun, 2013. I would request you to join us in praying for the peace of his soul.

With regards,


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