Essential Email Etiquette for Sales Professionals

With the heavy impact of new media, the traditional direct mail campaign seems a bit vague in the world of market. This increasing supplant has improved the demand of writing sales email to potential customers. The objective behind internet mail and direct mail however, is still the same. When it comes to the writing procedure, it too follows the same etiquette only with a few minor differences. Today, we are up to discuss about the key principles of email marketing in terms of sales.

Sales Email: What to Focus on?

  • One of the most important objectives of sending sales email is to connect with the recipient. Such emails are made personal and passionate compared to those long and lifeless mass messages that fill up your inbox.  Emails are more effective you are able to produce additional information such as from where you have received the receiver’s contact and how you got in contact with the company.
  • Include details in the email where receivers may get back to you like your phone number and other contact details most likely in the email signature block. In those cases where you send out bulk email to a large number of customers, you may use the mind game tool to create a sense of urgency by offering special discounts for short window of opportunities.
  • Do not act haywire; rather understand your market and then target your recipient. Come up with an interesting subject line and directly get to the point for better response to your email. The background research about your potential target group should be strong. This way you will know how exactly to promote your product or service for better response.
  • Today most businesses make use of tracking tool and reusable email templates. The body of your email itself should contain basic information such as the key sales message, object of the mail, call to action and your contact information. The other sections are general pieces. The overall can hence be sent to multiple recipients who help develop reusable templates.
  • Get yourself acquitted with the corporate client’s process. You need to understand the engagements and supporting of the businesses you are dealing with. Your email has to be attractive enough to lure the recipients to sign a contract with you.

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