Office Email Template

Office Email Template showing how to write professional letters for official cause.  Sample Email describing the issue and how to go on with it. Name (concerned person) Designation (put designation of concerned person) Company Name Dear Mr. / Ms. / Mrs. (name of the receiver), This mail is with reference to the outcome of meeting […]

Office Email Pranks

Office email pranks are usually done on the occasion of April fool’s Day or during holidays, when the atmosphere is jovial and informal. It is usually played among team members or a selected group of people and doesn’t involve higher authorities. Here are some examples of office prank emails: An email with a serious subject […]

Office Email Format

E-mail is one of the easiest and prompt ways preferred for most of the office communications these days. This helps in delivering the business objective diligently to the intended recipient and could also be access from anywhere around the world. An office email format, thus, depicts the idea of how such draft could be formulated […]

Office Email Example

To: [email protected], [email protected], [email protected] Dear all, This email is written to all the team members and other staff circle associated with Marine Company. There are some temporary changes in the office timing and this email is written to you to notify the same thing. You all are aware of the routine office timing which is […]

Office Email Best Practices

Office emails mean professional emails used for communication within or outside an organisation. Since it deals with one’s workplace, such mails are usually formal and follow a specific format. Following these rules will make an office mail more effective: Keep them brief: Since such letters are not personal, one need not give too many details. […]