Sympathy Email to Boss

Sympathy email to boss is a letter written to the boss on the account of his ill health. Sample messages to make him feel better with wishes to get well soon.

To: [email protected]

Dear Mr. Jones

I am so sorry to hear about your illness. You have been suffering because of it for over a month now. We miss you so much at the office. Your presence is being missed at each and every moment during the daily work in the office.

I just got to know that you are getting discharged from the hospital tomorrow. I am so glad to hear that now you can rest at home which any day is better than staying in the hospital. I hope you get well really soon.

Don’t you worry about the official matter at present, and only concentrate on your health for now. We are doing our best to run office at its best. Please let me know if I can be of any help to you in this situation. I hope you recover really soon and take control of the proceedings and motivate us as usual.

Yours sincerely,

Mr. Dominic Smith.

Sales Executive

Inspiron Global Pvt. Ltd

Given Below are a few sympathy email samples for a clearer Ideas.

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Sample Sympathy Email to Employer is a Condolence letter written to the Employer on the death of his mother.

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Sample Email of condolence to an employee for sympathy on the death of his family member

Sympathy Email to Colleague
Sympathy email to colleague is a Condolence letter written to the colleague on the layoff from the company.

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Sympathy Email is a Condolence letter written to Supervisor on the death of his wife.

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