Sympathy Email to Supervisor

Sympathy Email is a Condolence letter written to Supervisor on the death of his wife. Sample Messages on the facilities he will get to come out of the sad situation.

To: [email protected]

Dear Mr. King

On behalf of all the employees, I wanted to convey our heartfelt sorrow and sadness on the loss of your beloved wife. It is like a shock for us all as only two days ago; she visited the office and seemed perfectly fine and in the best of health. But man is totally powerless  against the wishes of God. May her pure soul rest in peace and we hope great strength to you in this toughest of times.

Sir, we also wish to express our sympathies as we understand this must be a hard phase for your little kids. We would like to offer you all the support and help. We also request you to not worry about the work at the office. We shall do our best to complete your part of the work as well.

Yours faithfully

Ben Black

Given Below are a few sympathy email samples for a clearer Ideas.

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