New Product Announcement Email

New Product Announcement Email is written to the customers on the launch of a new product. Effective letter mentioning its features and special offers.

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Dear Customers,

We at Fragrance Company are pleased to know about the popularity of new line of deodorants and perfumes that we had launched a month back. This letter is in connection with the introduction of a new perfume altogether  by the name of “Faint”, which might interest you.

The features of the new product are that is it completely skin friendly and has a fragrance that lasts for more than 10 hours. The most distinctive feature of the perfume which makes it different from all the other products is that it is made from organic flowers. We assure you of its quality and safety similar to our other products of this line.

Being our loyal and esteemed customers, we would love to have you at our store to try these new and fresh fragranced products. We are also offering special discounts and free gifts to the early buyers.

We look forward to see you.



Manager, Fragrance Company.

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