Apologize after Sending an Email to the Wrong Person

Sometimes we are in such a hurry that we end up sending email to the wrong person and in such a situation, we must write an apology email to that person for sending that mail. This kind of an email is a simple draft which includes your apology.

To help you with it, we bring to you a format for apology email for sending an email to the wrong person. Use this template for creating a personalized email for this particular situation.

Format for Apology Email for Sending Email to the Wrong Person

Dear Mr. Ray,

I am writing this email to apologize you as the email that I had sent you yesterday was not meant for you. It was by mistake that had sent that email to you and therefore, I would like to request you apologies for the same.

I was in a hurry and because of that I ended up marking the email to you. I hope you will understand the situation and will consider my apologies.


Mathew Jacobs

Marketing Executive

Zenith Technologies

New York

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