Personal Apology Email Format, Sample Apology and Template

At personal levels, there are so many times in our lives that we end up making mistakes and we feel sorry about them. In such a scenario, writing a personal apology email is the right thing to do. The personal apology email gives us the room to say sorry as well as explain ourselves or the situation in a better way.

In order to help you, we have come up with a personal apology email format for your reference. You can conveniently and comfortably use this personal apology email template for your personal use.

Example for Personal Apology Email

Dear Susan,

I am writing this email to apologize you as I was not able to make it to your graduation party. I understand that it was one of the most special days of your life and I also wanted to be there with you, to congratulate you and to celebrate with you but I could not make it.

On the same day of your party, I tripped on the stairs and ended up hurting my ankle badly. I had to rush to the doctor because I had severe pain and I was told that I have ruptured my ligaments. I have been asked to do complete bed rest for two weeks in order to recover.

I know you were expecting me there and I also wanted to be there but due to this accident, I could not be there. I hope you will understand the situation. I will come and meet you soon once my ankle is all fine.



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