Professional Apology Email Sample Format, Template

In the professional world, we sometimes have to write apology email to our professional associates for various reasons in order to apologize for the confusion or misunderstanding or any other situation. Writing a professional apology email is simple. Just make sure that you are able to put forward your apology in a genuine manner.

If you are wondering how to frame one such email then we bring to you a sample professional apology email format to follow and create your own email without any confusion or mistakes.

Format for Professional Apology Email

Dear Mr. Sam,


I am writing this letter to formally apologize for the recent shipment confusion incident that occurred between the two companies.

I came to know that it was because of the fault of one of our employees that the whole confusion stated and caused inconvenience and misunderstanding at both the ends. While I cannot go back in time and change what happened but I can certainly apologize to you and your company on behalf of our company for all the confusion that happened and impacted your work.

I will make sure that such kind of incidents do not happen in future and therefore, our company is going to be adding one more layer of security check for smooth shipment. If you feel that there is anything that I can do to make things better then please feel free to get in touch with me.

Thanking you for your time and understanding.


Adam Smith


Zenith Technologies

New York

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