Sample Apology Email Format to Your Boss, Manager

If there is something that has not gone right and you are responsible for it then you must apologize to your boss by writing an apology email to him or her. This apology format will not only help you say sorry to your boss but will also give you a chance to explain yourself because of which this thing happened.

In order to help you, we have come up with a sample apology email format for your boss which you can conveniently use for creating a personalized letter that will fit in your situation the best way possible.

Format for Sample Apology Email to Boss

Dear Mr. Henry,

The purpose of writing this email is to express my apologies on the last presentation that did not go as expected. I extremely regret the errors that were in the report and I understand that it has reflected badly on myself and our team and I am very sorry about it. I always work hard and always give my work my first priority.

I would like to share that I am sincerely devoted towards improving my performance and I will be more careful so that such errors do not get repeated in future. I personally wish to express gratitude for your assistance and I will soon submit the updated report to you for reviewing it before we present it in the next meeting.

I hope you will continue to trust me. Thank you for your consideration and time.


Jacob Smith

Marketing Executive

Zenith Technologies

New York

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