Acceptance Email Format for Customer Service

If you have been offered a post of customer service executive with a company and you wish to join them then you are supposed to submit your acceptance by writing a job acceptance email to the company in order to accept and confirm your appointment.

In this post, we have come up with a job acceptance email format. You can simply use this sample acceptance email format in order to create your own letter. This acceptance email template is quite a simple format which will help you draft a personalized letter with all the essential details.

Sample Acceptance Email Format for Customer Service

Dear Mr. Gibbs,

I am writing this letter to formally thank you for offering me the position of Customer Service Executive Zenith Technologies. I am grateful for the offer and would like to confirm my acceptance of the same.

As mentioned in the letter, I will be on the probation of six months and during this time my salary would be $ 20,000 per annum and I will not be entitled for any of the employee benefits during this time except for a sick leave for three days. My performance will be evaluated after the end of six months and based on the results, my association with Zenith Technologies will be determined. In case, I wish to leave the job during the probation period then I will be required to serve a notice period of two weeks.

I would like to confirm that my starting date at Zenith Technologies would be December 15th, 2023. If any more documents or anything else is required from my side then kindly let me know.

I am very excited to work with the team.

Thanking you.


Anthony Brown

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